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Exploratory Phase

  • Upon request from the local decision makers, we speak with the various stakeholders, at different levels, to fully understand their expectations.
  • We discuss with the promoters of the project to learn more about their vision.
  • If it already exists, we work with the management team to integrate their existing plans.

This "exploratory phase" is conducted free of charge

Pre-feasability study

  • When the "exploratory phase" is convincing, we try to identify the various "research assets", both tangible and intangible, on which the park could be built.
  • We use the "Parks Matrix" to identify, in close cooperation with the promoters, which type of park to develop: a "Research Park", a "Science Park", a "Thematic Park" or an Industrial Park".
  • When a Science Park is the appropriate option, we formulate recommendations for the next steps.

A flat fee is asked to cover the cost of the "pre-feasibility study". In case of further cooperation, this fee is considered as an advance on the global feasibility budget. 

Feasability study

  • Following the result of the "pre-feasibility phase", we design the specific model of Science Park based on our (amended) recommendations.
  • We estimate the costs of the specific hard/soft components to be associated or created as well as the costs linked to the different phases of the implementation of the park.
  • We write a business plan for the park, adapting our standard model to the one selected.
  • We work out the Return On Investment to be expected.

A global feasibility budget is submitted to the promoters.


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