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Investparks has been created by its mother company, Investructure, which offers services to investors in emerging countries.

Initially developed as an internal practice dedicated to supporting the installation of foreign investors in business parks, Investparks has progressively gained its autonomy by focusing on a specific type of park: the "Science Park”.

Incorporated in 2005, in Brussels, Investparks is progressively developing its presence in promising areas. A first permanent office was created in December 2005 in Bandung, Indonesia, in order to cover the South East Asian market.


Investparks is a private company dedicated to the creation and development of Science Parks, thereby offering to its shareholders interesting investment opportunities in some tenants of the parks.

Culture, Values

Focus on our Customers
We provide our customers innovative and outstanding added value solutions.  Based on trust and cooperation, we build lasting relationships.

Act with Integrity
We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity based on honesty, responsibility, dedication and accountability.  We are open and fair in all our dealings.  We protect the confidentiality of information provided by our customers and partners, and we respect the laws of the countries we operate in.

Behave with Passion
We are fully committed in all our actions and enthusiastically adapt to change. Through our creative and winning spirit, we continuously strive to shape our customers' future.

Foster Teamwork
We believe in helping one another to achieve common goals through cooperative, effective and open teamwork. We mutually respect and empower one another by sharing our knowledge and skills.

Commitment to Quality
We strive to deliver to our customers consistently high-quality services.  We execute our work professionally with competence, expertise and attention. We continuously improve our services to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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